Top 3 Things to Do In New York City

Top 3 Things to Do In New York City


Visit A Bookshop

For those who have a passion for reading, not many experiences can compare to the excitement of discovering a brand-new bookshop, and New York is home to a wide variety of unique stores. Do you enjoy reading suspense and crime novels?

It’s possible that you’ll find what you need in the Mysterious Bookshop. Or, if you are interested in feminist activism and social criticism, you might check out Bluestockings, a radical bookstore run by the community. Idlewild Books is a destination that is solely dedicated to the realm of travel, so if you are seeking some motivation to go on an exciting journey, you should head straight there.

Strands Bookstore

This traditional bookshop, known as the Strand Books store, has more than 2.5 million titles within its four walls.

Strand was established in 1927 by Ben Bass, an entrepreneur and avid reader of books. Ben Bass began the business on Book Row, which is now known as 4th Avenue, with a seed capital investment of 600 dollars. It is, in point of fact, one of the oldest bookstores in the entire borough of Manhattan, New York.

The Strand Bookstore is home to a massive assortment of new and unusual collectibles and its extensive selection of used books. Strand is the name of the city’s most extensive bookstore.

There are books available on a wide variety of topics, including but not limited to:

  • Agriculture and farming, film, and drama.
  • Books on Feng shui and home improvement.
  • Occult books.
  • Medical books.
  • Books on substance misuse.

You can find books relating to any topic that interests you here.

You can go to the Strand with a list of books by your preferred female authors, male authors, or child authors, and I am confident that you will discover every one of those books on the Strand’s incredible bookshelves.

Rizzoli BookStore

Rizzoli Bookstore can be found at 1133 Broadway, right in the middle of the action in busy midtown Manhattan. The interior of the Rizzoli bookstore is designed to give the impression that you are in an elegant palace filled with tall bookcases.

The majority of the books on the bookcases are focused on the fields of art and literature.

This incredible literary destination is a must-see for any traveler in Europe who has even a passing interest in literature. This bookstore is home to a specialized area dedicated solely to publishing European periodicals and newspapers.

If you are searching for Spanish or French bookstores in New York City, then you should check out Rizzoli. This store has an incredible assortment of books written in Spanish, French, and Italian. This posh New York bookstore has no trouble carrying works of literature written in various languages.

In addition to books on fashion, fine arts, photography, architecture, home décor, and interior design, the Rizzoli bookstore in New York also carries books about cooking.

As a result of the exceptional quality of the books that it stocks, it is consistently ranked among the top bookshops in New York City. This is because it is visited by many bibliophiles from all over the world.

Visit Many of Its Art Museums

The artistic past of New York is highly illustrious, featuring a roll call of artists such as Andy Warhol, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Georgia O’Keeffe, and Jackson Pollock, to name just a few of the city’s illustrious residents. e The Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), the Rubin Museum of Art, and the Frick Collection are just some of the renowned establishments that can be found in the city; however, there are many more. Your inner art enthusiast will be in for a real treat if you go into any of these.

Art Museum Located in The Bronx

The museum, which aspires to reflect the enormous cultural diversity of its parishioners, is truly the champion of contemporary art in the South Bronx neighborhood and is located in that area. Over half of the museum’s annual visitors are of Latino or African American descent, making up more than 50 percent of the total. More than 2,000 pieces of artwork are on display to honor the history of these areas. The majority of the permanent collection was created by artists who credit the Bronx as an important source of creativity and growth over their careers.

In a building that was formerly used as a synagogue in the area, a variety of artworks, including paintings, sculptures, photographs, videos, and installations, are currently on display as part of a schedule of exhibitions by local and international artists. Artists such as Alvin Baltrop, Raphael Montanez Ortiz, Vito Acconci, and Martin Wong are just some of the well-known New York personalities whose works are on display at the museum. Also on display are works by outsiders who were drawn to the city.

The Museum of Contemporary Art and Design (MoMA)

Abby Aldrich Rockefeller, Lilly P. Bliss, and Mary Quinn Sullivan were wealthy art patrons and influential figures during their period, and they established this museum in 1929. Since the start, the museum has been used as a powerhouse institution.

MoMA is a world of Modern and Contemporary art with frequently changing highlight shows and an exceptional permanent collection. It is located in the middle of Manhattan’s Midtown neighborhood.

The paintings “Starry Night” (1889) by Vincent van Gogh and “Persistence of Memory” (1931) by Salvador Dal are among the highlights, along with many more paintings by artists such as Picasso, Matisse, and Frida Kahlo. In addition, there is video, photography, sculpture, design, architecture, and plenty more.

Take Pleasure In A Genuine New York Bagel

Along with pizza, bagels are one of the most well-known foods to originate in New York. The Ashkenazi Jewish community of the city is where the bagel first appeared; nevertheless, it has since established itself as an essential component of New York cuisine. Pastrami, lox, and schmear, which consist of smoked salmon spread with cream cheese, are two traditional toppings for a bagel.

Where can one find some of the most authentic New York bagels, and where are they located?

Bagel Oasis

This bagel restaurant in Queens, which has been in business continuously since 1961, will be ingrained in your memory for many years after visiting it, whether for the better or, the worse. This is because most of the bagels sold in New York City are made using ingredients that give them an entirely distinct consistency and flavor on the tongue.

They have a mild and toasty flavor despite their inexplicable airiness. Bagels from Bagel Oasis are baked at such a high temperature that the exterior develops a surface covered in microscopic air bubble bumps. These are going to be your go-to bagels if you prefer your breakfast pastries with a touch less chewiness and a touch more finesse.

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