My Vintage NJ

Unique Handmade Christmas Decor made with Love from NJ. We are passionate about filling your Xmas tree with the cutest Vintage Christmas ornaments ever that will last you for generations to come. We specialize in creating funny Santa Ornaments and Unique Vintage Christmas Decor pieces that will Enlighten your Decor!


Who we are

We are passionate about putting each product in our family product line. We creative product design. We never stop designing and making new products.

Some we can make; some other professionals make for us. But every single piece of our product is unique. We always make sure it will be special for you. Trust us😊 and Try us😘.

Our goal is your smile. Our happiness is your satisfaction. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Our Advantages

Product Items

Collaboration with other businesses in essential, and we have many proven partners.

Product Categories

During our work we completed a great amount of projects, and that’s not the limit!

Happy clients

We provide our clients with exquisite round-the-clock support and meet all their needs.

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