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Unique Handmade Christmas Decor made with Love from NJ

We are passionate about filling your Xmas tree with the cutest Vintage Christmas ornaments ever that will last you for generations to come. We specialize in creating funny Santa Ornaments and Unique Vintage Christmas Decor pieces that will Enlighten your Decor!

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These Christmas Gnomes add instant character to any home with their warming presence and unique look. So make a lasting impression this year at your next Christmas party with these little Santa Gnomes around!
Vintage Friendship Gnomes Christmas Decor 
These friendship Christmas gnomes bring in good luck, cheer, and...
Chubby Santa Christmas Decor! 
Santa may be tired but he's never too tired to...
Sparkling squirrel Critter Christmas Ornaments
Let our Sparkling squirrel Critter Christmas Ornaments the new focal point of...
 Gnome Santa Christmas Decor
Christmas Gnome decor with A Santa hat!
Our Gnome Santa Christmas Decor is ready for Christmas with a Snata...
Harvest Gnomes with maple leaf hat
The gnome is a symbol of spreading the lucky spirit....
Woodland Gnome Christmas OrnamentWoodland Gnome Christmas Ornament
Woodland Gnome Christmas Ornament
Woodland Gnome Christmas Ornament Introduce some cute Christmas charm to...
Christmas ornaments
Wooly Rhino Christmas Ornament
This Wooly Rhino Christmas Ornament is here to inspire and...
Cement Gnome plant pot
Cement Gnome plant pot
This gnome brings in good luck, cheer, and fun to...