natural genuine amethyst necklace, one of a kind

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Natural Amethyst Crystal Studded Necklace

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Design and made of natural gemstone Amethyst and sterling silver 925. Nice beautiful purple natural Amethyst. Handcrafted design one of a kind necklace with a tiny dragonfly pendant. 

Nowhere you go is safe from compliments as people will notice this decadent piece and surely have something nice to say.


The dangling bangles add an extravagant appeal to the necklace that compliments the purple stones wonderfully. Wear this piece with any evening dress for the complete look!


Key Features

  • High quality 925 sterling silver chain for incredible durability
  • Studded with decadent Amethyst crystals all around
  • Adorns any formal or casual ensemble beautifully
  • Makes a great gift for a friend or loved one
  • Approximately size 16"


Electrify any formal attire with our Natural Amethyst Crystal Studded Necklace andorder yours today!