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Why you should choose vintage decorations this Christmas?

Everything you need to know about vintage decorations for the Merry time of year.

Vintage Christmas decorations are unique, special, and a talking point at family gatherings. If you’re looking to embrace Christmas, perhaps upgrading your current selection of decorations, then you should definitely consider purchasing a few vintage ones, too. 

There are many different vintage Christmas ornaments and decorations available as well, including Santa holding a shopping list, an “I love you NY” Santa, and even Santa posing as an NYPD officer

This blog post will highlight several reasons why you should consider choosing vintage decorations for Christmas, beginning with an obvious point: it’s unique!

Vintage Christmas decorations are unique

Vintage Christmas decorations are much more unique in comparison to others. This means you’re less likely to find others with the same ornaments and decorations, allowing you to stand out from the mainstream crowd.


Furthermore, vintage decorations make for great gifts, too. Whether in the run-up to Christmas or even on Christmas itself, after all, you can’t beat a hand-made, old-school looking decoration… or at least I think so!

Get cozy this Christmas

There’s something special about putting up your decorations, turning the fire on, watching a movie, and getting cozy on the couch. However, you can take this level of coziness to a whole other level with vintage Christmas decorations.


These decorations can also make you feel nostalgic, relaxed, and in the true spirit of Christmas - there’s no better way to celebrate, even if you put the decorations up at the very beginning of December or even the end of November.

Stand out from the crowd

Far too often, we see many households with the exact same decorations, most likely bought at a local grocery store or bought on sites such as Amazon. However, when you choose Vintage decorations, you can stand out from the crowd, with much more unique designs on offer.


If you’re hosting guests this Christmas, this will no doubt be a talking point, with your guests marveling over your decorations, most likely asking where you got them, how much they cost, and whether or not they can take yours home with them. The answer, of course, is no, get your own!

A few decorations

Finally, to show you just how unique and beautiful vintage Christmas decorations are, we’ve gathered together a couple of popular examples below:

Santa Biker Christmas ornament






The Santa biker ornament is as unique as it comes, displayed either hanging from the tree or any other household object.


To view this product, click here.

Christmas night light special



  The Christmas night light special is great for those cozy evenings spent in front of the fire, or a great addition to your kid’s rooms, embracing the true spirit of Christmas!


To view this product, click here.

The bottom line

Christmas is a magical time of year, a time for celebration, friends, and family, and traditions. However, the icing on the cake this time of year is definitely how you decorate your home. Using vintage decorations is a statement, allowing you to be unique, to stand out from others, and most importantly, to have the best-decorated home on the block.


  • Jun 13, 2021
  • Category: Blog
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